Ask the Engineer: Capacitors

You’re told your capacitor is out of spec by your HVAC provider, what does that mean?

One of the things you should have done annually or bi-annually is have your capacitors inside your HVAC unit checked. If they are out of spec/range/tolerance, they should be replaced. This is most often the reason your air conditioner unit won’t come on when it should. The two things that capacitors do is help start a motor and second, allow it to run within tolerance. If the capacitor is out of range then it causes the motor that it serves to run hot and can typically cause premature motor failure (even a greater cost to have replaced).

Air conditioning can often be one of the most expensive ticket items a home owner will have to replace in their home and depending on location of the unit, the most intrusive work needed. If you want your unit to run as long as it can, be sure to have it under a maintenance plan for both the spring and fall months to make sure it is ready and running within spec for both the heating and cooling season.

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