Ask the Engineer: Carrier’s Cor or Nest Thermostat? Which to choose?

The price point is nearly the same for Nest or Cor thermostat. I had the option to install either at my house and I went with the Cor.  Here is why: the Cor is built on a Carrier HVAC platform algorithm  (114 year old company that started automated controls in the early 80’s.  i.e. their tech is vetted.).  Nest is built on an Apple Platform (p.s. I love Apple products), but not an HVAC company.  From what I’ve read, the Cor data collection is superior and the humidity control is second to none (an issue we struggle with in South Carolina).  Also, the Cor is designed for whole home automation (lights, locks, etc.).  Looks like Nest is starting to get in this market too.  Lastly, and the big reason if you deal with these things regularly, Cor is full touch screen; Nest is a push dial.  Nest has done a great job marketing and either thermostat will be light years ahead of a standard thermostat.  GreenHome is happy to install either.  Just wanted to give you the reasons why I recommend one over the other.

One additional note, installing a Smart Thermostat will require a C-wire or common wire. This provides power to the thermostat so that it can run all of its tech. what we are finding is that home owners are wanting the new technology, but can’t have it due to not having enough wires going to their thermostat. The only solution I have found that really works (and it isn’t fun) is to pull a new wire. The hang up can happen in the wall cavities and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. As a homeowner, if your HVAC professional has to do this, show him or her grace, as they aren’t going to enjoy tying up your afternoon either.


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